A Quick Clothing Guide to Men’s Night Out

It’s finally weekend and time to have a night out, leaving behind all the work related stress. Whether it’s a dinner with your girlfriend or wife, or a club night out with your mates, you have to make sure that you are dressed well. There’s no need for you to wear a 3 piece suit when you go for a night out, but being stylish, comfortable and appropriately dressed is definitely ideal for almost any occasion, whether it is smart or not.

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With a lot of personal preferences and styles, there is no fix rule on what men should wear during an evening out. However, what you would wear on a romantic night out is going to be a lot different to something you would wear at a club. In this article, you will be able to learn a quick guide suitable for all your outfit preferences when it’s time to chill out.

The Club

We know that there are different kinds of clubs. There are some clubs that wouldn’t let you in if you are not wearing trainers, and there are some that will let you gain entry as long as you are not puking your guts off, as well as those that are merely for disco – we will actually go through all of them


If you are outside this club, you will probably notice some things – a large queue, bouncers that are dressed well than the clients – and not trainers. So now, you can put away your tux and bring out some clean, tailored trousers, a good oxford shirt, as well as some neat formal shoes.

You need to make sure that your shirt is a slim fit and long enough in the sleeves, as well as buttoned up to the collar bone. Aside from that, your trousers should also be slim fit since any outfit that is too loose can look too relaxed right away and possibly messy.

For your shoes, you can keep them neatly laced up. But, if that just is not for you, you can also wear a neat pair of short boots in order to keep things classy yet in the most comfortable way.


There are some kinds of clubs that are often separated into 3 sections – the dance floor, the smoking area/rooftop garden, and the bar area. The bathrooms of casual clubs are clean but there’s no attendant that will hand you towels at the sink the bar is stocked up with good booze yet the cocktails cost less compared to exclusive clubs and even though you may spend some time getting ready for an evening out there, you can definitely just slip on some nice trainers and gain entry.

You can simply for a fast casual look but you need to make sure that you have clean clothes for the night, ironed as well as fit you properly. A jeans and t-shirt combination would not necessarily make you appear underdressed; however, if they are ill-fitting and crumbled, then you will end up looking untidy.

You can go for a comfortable skinny or slim fit jean and a neat T-shirt, as well as some clean trainers in such color that complements to the rest of your outfit.



Night outs like this means you need to keep your nice piece of clothes at home as well as far away from vomit, flying beer and copious amounts of sweat. You should keep your outfit loose, easy to move around in and completely breathable. Try wearing a cotton top since the fibers will let your skin breathe. Therefore, you would not get overheated especially if you wear polyester or acrylic material top. You can also use some comfortable leggings from Mr M Squared since they retail highly stylish yet comfortable leggings.

One easy suggestion to pair with your neat loose shire is a cotton vest that has interesting pattern and paired with a comfortable blue or black joggers, which can make you dance around freely. When you choose a jogger, make sure you pick the light weight and thinner ones, and you should try to keep them in neutral colors like black or gray. This will make sure that almost anything you want to pair with them will perfectly match and complement with each other, allowing you to get more creative with matching your trainers and tops.

The Pub

It’s a place where you usually go with your mates especially when you need to chill out a bit. You chat, you get a drink, you watch a game, and you do not think about your outfit at all.



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