Welcome to Ragdoll kittens for sale and breeders worldwide, the website to search for purebred Ragdoll kittens, stud service and rehoming Ragdolls.

We are a International purebred Ragdoll kittens for sale ad site with the goal of bringing buyers and sellers of purebred ragdolls together.
Besides kittens for sale cattery owners also can search for stud services.
And you can search for retired (rehoming) cats in search for a new home.
All purebred Ragdoll breeders from over the world can register and place ads.
We have ads in 3 categories:
Ragdoll kittens for sale - Ragdoll studs - Ragdoll rehoming cats (retired cats in search for a new home).

Registration is only possible for breeders of purebred Ragdolls !
Note for new members:
All entries that are not filled completely will be deleted within 3 days !

Advertising on our site is only 5,95 Euro for a lifetime membership ! (this is approximately 8,00 US Dollar): click here to register !

Feel free to add your Ragdoll cattery to our Ragdoll cattery database: click here to add  .... it is FREE !

Note for all spammers :-):
We check every entry before giving our approval to join so spammers no need to register ! 

Note to our breeders:

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